About Baruna Sari Villa

The villas are named “Baruna Sari” the word “Baruna” means “the sea” and “Sari” means “the blessing” In Balinese, which literally translated, means ‘blessing from the sea’.

The owner of the villas started his career working on the cruise liners so he feels he has been given a ‘blessing from the sea’ in establishing his business and in building the villas.

Working at sea has also inspired and supported him to strive for continuous development to improve the villa that located merely a 5 minutes walk away from the center of Ubud is arguably the best place to use as a base if you’re visiting Bali: if you’re looking for culture, comfort, nature, and inspiration.

Ubud is surrounded by most of the things that bring people to Bali – international standards of shops and restaurants, scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, places, rivers and unique luxuries spas at affordable prices. And its central location makes it easy to get from Ubud to the mountains, beaches, and major towns.

Yogi and meditation trainings and retreats are plentiful here as well. Ubud is also famous for the Bali Spirit Festival and the Reader’s and Writer’s Festival, which are held every March/April and October respectively. Ubud has become a very well developed sophisticated and international town.

Baruna Sari Villa Floating Breakfast or Brunch

Begin your day in paradise on a positive note with a breakfast hike no other. Relax in the comfort of your private pool and we’ll serve your pro breakfast selections complete with a bottle of sparkling wine on Al are a honeymooner or part of a couple celebrating the spirit of love. All you have to do is sleep your swimwear to enjoy your floating break fast in a setting overlooking the you can book without a bottle of sparkling wine This is the breathtaking beauty of Villa’s garden and specially with pool decoration by flower’s

This Rate ( Special Breakfast )

IDR 800.000 ++ per couple with a bottle of sparkling wine on a large floating tray
Inclusive of a bottle of sparkling wine
IDR 300.000++ per couple without a bottle of sparkling, wine on a large floating tray

Floating Breakfast + Extra Charge IDR 100.000 ( Regular  Breakfast )

Your Private Pool Villa

Breakfast: 07:00 10:00
Brunch: 11:00-12:00

If you have dietary requirements please let us know so we can adjust the meal accordingly and please choose of option menu below upon booking
Fresh Fruit Juice
Watermelon /Pineapple/Papaya/Orange

Fresh Slice Fruit
Watermelon /Pineapple / Papaya / Banana/ Mix Fruits
Rice Cris pies/ Corn Flakes/ Muesli with Hot Milk /Yogurt/ Plain/Fruits
Boiled /Fried /Poached / Scramble with Bacon / Ham/ Sausage/ Omelette topped with Bacon /Ham
& Che /Onion & Mushroom

Home-Made Pastries
Please choose 3 from following selections
Sweet Roll, Toast, Croissant, Brioche, Danish Pastry, Waffle, Pancake with Butter / Jam/ Marmalade

Chicken Porridge
Fried Rice /Fried Noodle

Please choose 2 from following selections :
Coffee with Milk /Hot Milk/ Cream
Hot Tea with with Milk / Hot Milk /Lemon
Iced Tea with Milk / Lemon
Hot Chocolate
Iced Chocolate